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Recommended base swaddle to help you quickly and easily accomplish all the wrap techniques you'll learn in the Newborn Wrapping Tutorials

The Swaddle Pro is the only fully adjustable base swaddle that makes newborn sessions a breeze! It's perfect for you if you'd like...

  • An easier way to keep babies asleep and make the session more enjoyable for both you and the parents.
  • To offer newborn sessions up to 2 months old.
  • A safer way to pose newborns with their young siblings.
  • ​To get your heating bill down during newborn sessions.
  • ​To accomplish advanced wrapping techniques easier and without disturbing the baby.
  • ​To fit in more newborn sessions each week and month to up your profits.

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Recommended training to help you run a successful and profitable newborn photography business.

Buzz & Growth Giveaway Roadmap

As Newborn Photographers we have a unique opportunity to build buzz now and book clients for the future! 
Many of our clients are months away from having their babies, which puts us in the perfect position to create buzz around our business now to drive them to book mid pregnancy. 

The hard part is being seen at a time when everyone is checking their phones for the latest news update, or sharing the latest meme.

The great news is you can capture your audience's attention in a way that will bring a bit of excitement into their lives AND grow your email and client list while boosting your SEO and social media followers at the same time. 

The answer is the Buzz & Growth Giveaway Roadmap. A simple and effective training on how to run a social sharing giveaway that your audience will love. Within a few hours you can see people joining your list, sharing content, and building buzz. 

Art Of Pricing Course

If you want to turn your new inquiries into high paying clients then click the button below and I can show you how choosing the right pricing model will drastically change your business’s profitability.

This "Art of Pricing" course is a combination of EVERYTHING I've learned to book my schedule full with clients that regularly invest over $2,000 to have their beginning forever with maternity and newborn photography.

If you're committed to FINALLY turn your photography from a hobby to a true business, I can't wait slash that learning curve and help get you there faster and more profitably. This exact method is what I have used to obtain clients that have purchased up to $11,500 from one session!